It is that time of year again where candidates battle it out to become the President of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR).

It seems that most Presidents get into the post and quickly get caught up with the behind the scenes, day-to-day activity. There are few that pledge to make significant change and actually do it.

The past two Presidents that stuck to their word and stood out for me are Jay O’Connor and Stephen Waddington. Both were bold, inspiring and transparent leaders.

And now there is Sarah Hall.

Sarah is standing to be President in 2018 and I have the same feeling about her as I did with Jay and Stephen. She’s got a clear vision and proposed an assertive plan as part of her manifesto

I’m sure all of the candidates for 2018 are capable and I’m aware they are extremely credible.

But I’m looking for a leader who is bold enough to challenge the status quo in public relations; brave enough to stick their head above the parapet and voice their opinions on the issues facing the profession; and strong enough to take on the demands of the post on top of their day job.

Sarah’s worked hard during the campaign engaging members and the broader public relations profession through the #FuturePRoof community she founded last year. It’s this energy that she’ll bring to the role.

#FuturePRoof is a signpost to the future of our profession. It’s a must read for anyone working in public relations that wants to continue working in the business..

So Sarah, congratulations on your outstanding work so far. You’ve got my vote.